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About the company

History of the plant

As of 01/07/2015. There was a merger of “Desalination Plant Dębieńsko” Sp. z o.o. with Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Wodnej i Rekultywacji S.A.
Thus, as part of the Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. Capital Group, we can offer you high-quality food-grade brewed salt under a new trade name – Dębieńska Salt.

The history of Debien Salt dates back to 1974. Salt production is carried out through a process of desalination of the highest quality brine, available at depths of up to 1,200 meters. The salt brewing process is based on technology developed in the United States and Sweden. Our rich, 40 years of experience allows us to provide you with food-grade brewed salt of the highest quality. In 2018, Dębieńska Salt received a Certificate of Quality and the title of TOP PRODUCT, as well as the promotional emblem Doceń Polskie®. We operate as part of the Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. Capital Group.

Technological process

The brines in the first phase are purified by multi-stage filtration. Then the process of brine concentration is implemented using reverse osmosis filters (RO plant). This step achieves a twofold reduction in brine with a doubling of the salt concentration. The concentrated brine is subjected to an evaporation process, followed by crystallization and drying (RCC plant).

As a result of the implemented process, the discharge into the Bierawka River of highly saline waters pumped from mining areas is avoided, while high-quality brewed salt is obtained. The salt has been certified as food grade salt, approved for commercial trade, by the National Institute of Hygiene and the State Sanitary Inspector.

The salt produced as standard contains 99.4% NaCl.

The technological process used by the company allows the product to retain desirable trace elements and minerals such as magnesium and calcium in its composition. Consistent granulation and low moisture levels eliminate the need for anti-caking agents without affecting the length of product storage.

Product offering

The company produces food-grade, iodized and non-iodized salt in 1kg, 25kg and1000kg packages. Salt lozenge and salt dust are also produced from salt.
The company has also recently introduced a high-quality road brine with very good performance characteristics.

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