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Road brine

Trade name: Road brine.

Road brine is concentrated brine obtained after crystallization of salt in an evaporation plant, whose raw materials are natural underground brine and rock salt from the Klodawa mine. Thanks to its naturally high content of NaCl and MgCl2, it has a low freezing point(below -10 degrees Celsius!), surpassing its parameters of “classic” brines containing only NaCl.
The production process of our road brine minimizes the negative impact on the environment: the brine is extracted by desalinating saline mine water before it is discharged into rivers.


  • A pallet-box with a capacity of 1m3.

Expiration date: not specified.

Physical and chemical parameters of the product (guaranteed values):

  • Appearance: liquid.
  • Color: white, slightly yellow.
  • Odor: no extraneous odor.
  • Taste: salty.
  • pH: 6 – 9.
  • Sodium chloride NaCl (%): 16 – 18.
  • Magnesium chloride MgCl2 (%): 5 – 7.
  • Calcium chloride CaCl2 (%): approx. 2.
  • Sulfates (g/l): about 0.2.
  • Potassium (g/l): about 7.
  • Water (%): residue.
  • Potassium iodide KJ (%): about 0.01.
  • Potassium bromide KBr (%): about 0.2.

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