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Food grade salt – big bag 1000 kg


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Our food grade salt in big bag packaging is an excellent choice for those looking for more salt for food use. Big Bag packaging is characterized by its large capacity and convenience in storage and movement. Each package contains 1,000 kg of food-grade brewed salt.

Consistency: the table salt is in a fine-grained form, allowing it to spread easily and dissolve perfectly.

Purity: Our table salt is carefully inspected, which allows us to say that our product is free of impurities. The manufacturing process ensures the highest quality and safety.

Storage: We recommend storing salt in a dry, cool place, away from sources of moisture and direct sunlight. Ensuring proper storage conditions will keep salt fresh and ready for use for a long time.

Due to its dimensions, personal pickup is preferred when ordering salt in big bags. Shipping is possible by prior arrangement of delivery costs.


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